Re- discover your innate happiness.

Psychotherapy can be extremely helpful in enabling you to talk in a way that creates the conditions for change. I believe that each of us already has our answers but sometimes we need a helping hand to unearth them and appreciate our own innate wisdom. We have far more power and potential than many of us dare realize.

Your own challenge might primarily be about:


the desire to change, achieve or improve something or to increase your resilience.


a less well-formed sense of wanting to feel happier, calmer or that you are not fully yourself but without knowing how or why.


events, relationships and unfinished business from the past continue to dominate your present life in unhelpful ways.

real life and people rarely fit into neat boxes and these labels are offered as a guide to help us both think about what you want to get from therapy. You might well want or need a blend of approaches.

Little About Me

Ferdousa Chowdhury Integrative Psychotherapist
MSc, PG Dip, PG Cert, BA (Hon’s)

I hold a Masters of Science, Post Graduate Certificate, Post Graduate Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling, a BA (Hon’s) degree, and a certificate in Islamic counselling. I am registered with the British Association for counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP). Read More


What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

The different terms can seem confusing but they all refer to the process of meeting with a trained professional to help you manage personal issues.


A Counsellor has specific training in counselling theory and skills, as well as clinical experience of face-to-face counselling. Counsellors usually conduct short and medium-term work.


A Psychotherapist is also trained in counselling skills and theory, but generally works in greater depth. Psychotherapy is often medium to long-term.

Quality Standards

I have experience working in the NHS, charities and private sectors. I am registered and member with:

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 It’s what you prefer and what is convenient for you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Face to Face Counselling

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On-line Counselling Services are available through Skype. Counselling offered anywhere around the world with Skype

Telephone Counselling

Telephone service allows you to receive counselling over the phone.

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