• Self Care / Self Love – Why it is important for your mental health.

      Life often feels so much of a rush that it’s hard to take the time for yourself or your mental health. But, what about if you thought; ‘if I just take a little bit of time each day to focus on myself’ – Then it can improve your day, even if it’s having that one minute to take a deep breath. Self-care is difficult to…

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  • Healthy Relationships vs Codependent Relationships (ft. Healthy Boundaries)

    We are neurologically made to connect with other people. When we have successful connections with others, it feels great. Our body releases ‘a tone of feel good hormones’. A hug, a deep talk, affection, that release feel good hormones, that says ‘Keep this up, keep connecting’. Conversely, our body releases negative hormones when we are unsuccessful in not connecting, such as an argument with someone,…

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  • Fear of Abandonment: 8 signs you must not ignore!

      Concerns of abandonment in relationships can cause you to subconsciously self sabotage your relationships. The fear of abandonment is deep seeded, and this can develop from childhood. Although it may seem that you have fond childhood memories, the concerns can surface from other forms such as – neglect, someone leaving you, or perhaps a parent was depressed or with an addiction. Where there was…

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  • 7 Signs Of Emotional Abusive Relationship

      Not all abusive relationships are Physical. Emotional abuse is just as bad. If not worse than physical abuse. A  physical bruise may hurt, however, a bruise mind may have an impact that could last a lifetime if appropriate support is not undertaken. Emotional abuse can cause you to feel a constant need to second question yourself and often feel lost. Emotionally abusive relationship can…

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